How to use Postman- Newman automate test in Docker

I use Docker Desktop


  1. Docker desktop run already. ( test docker at Powershell input docker ps )

Contrainer is show ( docker run already )

2. download postman ui

1. postman ui

First step create collection

  1. create collection
2. Collections

2. input collection name

3. input Collection name and description
4. Create Success

3. Create request

4. Save to new collection

5. save postman

5. Export Collection

6. step share collection

6. Click Get public link then Click Copy to Clipboard

7. copy link collection

Ok, success step Collection step

Docker step

7. Pull docker newman

docker pull postman/newman
8. result pull docker

8. Run docker by Collection

docker run -t postman/newman run "URL from step 6"
9. result run postman

Ok, you can run newman ant receive result